• Human Resources Development

    At A1V1 and InfoSecurity "Perfectionist" IS a job description. Our values demand that we be dedicated to your success. We fit our specialty into your business sector.

    Strategy development To Procedures implementation

  • Training Project Management

    Education is the wisest investment we will ever make.

    Feasibility study To Research

  • Training Life Cycle

    We provide target oriented, flexible, work based training & qualifications. Full training lifecycle is managed using innovative solutions to fit with your business requirements.

    IT users To App developers

  • Development through innovation

    Age is no barrier to ambition - This Business idea came about, before year 2000, while training five year old kids on computers.

    School leavers To Entrepreneurship

  • Responsive to change

    Age is no barrier to ambition - This Business has delivered projects ranging from five year old kids to professionals up to sixty five years olds.

    Trainees To Trainers


We deliver vocational and personalised training projects

Three categories of our services are

Consultancy Services Technology Courses Non-technology Courses
* Research * Social Media Marketing * Customer Service
* Accreditations * Cyber Security * Business Administration
* Trouble Shooting * IT & Telecom * Management
* Marketing * Web Analytics & SEO * Retail
* Quality Assurance * Making Mobile Apps * Team Leading

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