• Human Resources Development

    At A1V1 and InfoSecurity "Perfectionist" IS a job description. Our values demand that we be dedicated to your success. We fit our specialty into your business sector.

    Strategy development To Procedures implementation

  • Training Project Management

    Education is the wisest investment we will ever make.

    Feasibility study To Research

  • Training Life Cycle

    We provide target oriented, flexible, work based training & qualifications. Full training lifecycle is managed using innovative solutions to fit with your business requirements.

    IT users To App developers

  • Development through innovation

    Age is no barrier to ambition - This Business idea came about, before year 2000, while training five year old kids on computers.

    School leavers To Entrepreneurship

  • Responsive to change

    Age is no barrier to ambition - This Business has delivered projects ranging from five year old kids to professionals up to sixty five years olds.

    Trainees To Trainers

Business Testimonials
Some of our top clients include:
  • FCO-Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London Head Office
  • JP Morgan: Staff based in multiple London offices
  • NIS-Northgate Information Solutions is a market leader in providing specialist software, outsourcing and information technology services to the human resources, local government, education and public safety markets. Their clients include NHS-National Health Service, UK Police Forces and nationwide Borough Councils.
“...our first project was set up and run very professionally...all stake holders were accommodated at all times...different strategies were applied by Naeem to deal with project issues...department managers were encouraged...and good feedback was provided...work activities for apprentices were effectively matched with the standards...entrepreneurial skills were embedded within the programme...” HR Advisor, of one of the biggest technology outsourcing organisation in UK

...Naeem was contracted by … to set up and deliver our first apprenticeship programme for our ICT Support Technicians...he has shown great understanding...and tailored a course which has brought value to our apprentices. As a result of his great management skills we at ...school...approved our 2nd batch of apprentices through. ...analysing...with appropriate feedback for line managers. Naeem is always courteous and willing to offer assistance to either myself or his apprentices and in his work, he has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity and commitment.” Network Manager, of a grammar school in Hertfordshire county

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work with .... due to problems associated with internal verification and quality assurance. This came at a crucial junction within the project for .. and we acknowledge and appreciate that without your support, the outcomes of the project and subsequent external verification visit would not have been so positive. .... prides itself on its flexible and robust approach to NVQ delivery and your approach to assessment more than meets our standards. We look forward to continuing with you and developing our working relationship further." Senior Project Manager, One of the biggest vocational and business consultancy in London

"……Naeem has also performed the role of Assessor, counter signer and Internal Verifier for the ITQ's across many employer engagement partnerships in the West London Area for the assessor team….. He is a very experienced and professional member of the I.T team within offsite and distance learning " Offsite & Distance Learning Manager, Further Education College. One of the largest institutions in UK Further Education sector.

"….Very pro-active in keeping up to date with current trends & developments…..Naeem runs a successful Management team of Assessors…..fully committed to his role of Internal Verifier. ….Strengths: Professional, patient, flexible, problem solver & eye for detail" NVQ Centre Manager, One of the strongest private training provider, based in London

" …I found Naeem, as business associate and as an Assessor/Verifier for my Assessor qualification, to have considerable empathy, professionalism and flexibility to deliver his targets. Able to communicate jargons, standards and technical issues in plain & simple language….." Director of Business Consultancy

"….commitment received from Naeem, we believe, plays an important part in our development and company future growth…" Director of The Learning Hub

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